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At Last -- By Popular Demand!

The Registry Review New Hampshire Foreclosure Auction Schedule is Now On-line!

Click here for today’s summary statistics (shows the number of auctions currently scheduled)

Coming Soon! Click here to see 5 randomly selected current auction records FREE.

On-Line Schedule Features

For over 25 years, Real Data Corp has been publishing the, now renowned, schedule of all upcoming New Hampshire foreclosure auctions in the weekly Registry Review newspaper. Over the years, the schedule has become THE gold standard of real estate industry sources for foreclosure information in New Hampshire. Real Data produces the schedule in-house through original research in the public notices and public records. We don’t let anyone else do the work for us and we don’t just repackage data we get from someone else. We do a very thorough job and we take pride in the results. The schedule is as close to the source as you can get and it is the real thing.

The schedule has helped countless buyers and lenders alike move property through foreclosure and it contributes significantly to the efficiency of the New Hampshire foreclosure market. Of course the schedule is still available as a weekly feature of the Registry Review (click here for more about the schedule as published weekly in the Registry Review schedule).

Not sure why you need the auction schedule? Click here for more information about why you might want to follow foreclosure auction notices - and why the schedule is an exceptional tool for doing that.

Of late, we have gotten a constant stream of requests to put the schedule on-line. We have developed the technology to do that to our satisfaction and the new on-line schedule is up and running! The on-line schedule has everything that is in the weekly printed schedule and much more. The new schedule is updated each weekday. Newly advertised auctions are added and auctions that occurred yesterday are dropped. The notices are tied back to Real Data’s records of the original purchase of the property and the mortgage being foreclosed.

All scheduled auctions are listed by county and town – you can page through them just like the printed version. But the on-line version has a large added bonus. The schedule is published on-line using Real Data’s new totally unique web based data viewer. The viewer allows you to page through the data or search on any available column of data. In addition you can use the email options to automatically email yourself when new notices appear or change. Actually, you can get an automated email of the results of any query you can set up – which is almost limitless. You can also export selected records into your favorite data format and print labels right from the viewer to your printer via .pdf using standard label stock.

Click here for a list of auction schedule data fields and an explanation of each.

The schedule includes useful summary statistics and a number of graphs and charts that will help you understand the market. These are FREE from this page – just click the link to see today’s actual results.

The on-line auction schedule is available by subscription now.

Pricing for the schedule is only $28 per month (credit card required) or $250 per year. This is much cheaper than "free" when you consider everything that’s involved.

Why isn’t the schedule free?

To subscribe, call 1-800-578-1540 9-5 ET Monday - Friday. For new accounts, ask for Kevin Bartlett. For billing questions, ask for accounting.

The subscription process will be automated when all five foreclosure sections (see below) are finished. For now, it is necessary to call Real Data (toll-free). Your account can be set up during the call. You can begin using the account immediately and get a tour of the system features if you wish.

Coming Soon! In addition to the schedule of upcoming foreclosure auctions (Section 1), four new sections will soon be available that will open up the foreclosure market to you as never before.

All four of these new sections will also use Real Data’s new web viewer – learn the viewer once and you can use them all! The records in each section will contain information about the physical property (location, property characteristics etc.) as well as all the data that supports the summary graphs and charts listed below for each section. The graphs and charts will function similarly to those in the schedule section that you can see now by clicking the link above. Most of the statistics listed below will include an average (usually the median), a chart showing the distribution and/or the history of the numbers being shown.

Section 2 - All Foreclosure Deeds

This new section will allow you to search for information on all New Hampshire properties that have gone to foreclosure auction since 01/01/07 (over 6,000 as of 03/01/09). This section will contain all records from the following three sections combined so you can view and search all foreclosure auction results at once.

Summary graphs and charts will include:

Section 3 - Foreclosure Sales - Third Party Buyers

This section will show you all instances where a property sold at auction to a third party (i.e. someone other than the lender was the winning bidder). This section will be invaluable for determining what types of properties are actually moving at auction vs. being bought by the foreclosing lender. This section will tell you what lenders are letting properties go to the ultimate buyers at auction rather than buying them into inventory. You will also find out what price these lenders are accepting at auction. If you are a lender, this section paired with the Re-Sale section below will give you the best information available to help you make the "let it go / take it into inventory" decision. Third party buyer financing information will also be shown including lender loan amount and percent equity. If you are interested in buying foreclosures at auction, this section will tell you who is lending for "auction purchases" and on what terms.

Summary graphs and charts will include:

Section 4 - Foreclosed Property - Lender Buyers Not Yet Resold

If you are looking for lender owned property, this section is for you. This section will allow you to search (on any data provided such as town, street, property type etc.) for lender owned properties that (according to the public records) have not yet been resold.

Summary graphs and charts will include:

Section 5 - Foreclosed Property - Re-Sold by Lender

If you are a potential buyer of lender owned foreclosed property, this section will show you comparable prices based on area, property type and lender-owner. You will also be able to see who is lending to buyers in this type of transaction and the prevailing percentage equity being required by lenders to close the deal. If you are a lender, this section, paired with the Third Party Buyer section above will clearly show you the financial consequences of taking foreclosed properties into inventory. Gain/loss from original mortgage amount, gain/loss from foreclosure price and difference from recent assessment will be included. Re-sale buyer financing information will also be shown including lender, loan amount and percent equity.

Summary graphs and charts will include:

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