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The Registry Review is New Hampshire’s statewide weekly real estate and financial newspaper. The Registry Review reports information abstracted from the ten New Hampshire county Registries of Deeds including all real estate sales and associated mortgages, all liens and attachments and, also, new plans and subdivisions. From other sources we collect and publish bankruptcies, new corporation filings, and various other statistics. Also included each week is a statewide schedule of all upcoming New Hampshire foreclosures and public Requests for Bids & Proposals.


The Registry Review subscriber list includes virtually all New Hampshire real estate appraisers, real estate agents, banks and other business of all kinds. The Registry Review has thousands of readers. It is thoroughly respected throughout New Hampshire and New England as THE credible source for the information it contains. Readers find that it only takes five or ten minutes a week to keep up on real estate prices, find business opportunities, watch competitors and to monitor the credit-worthiness of their customers.

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Teledex is our on-line publication that gives you immediate access to our archive of over 800,000 New Hampshire real estate sales – all sales over minimum consideration since 1977. We add each week’s sales to Teledex at the same time as we publish them in the Registry Review. Teledex is fast, easy-to-use, affordable and it’s right here on this Website.

The most important breakthroughs in life come not from finding the answers but from changing the questions – reorganizing the problem. Teledex will change your questions about New Hampshire real estate. Teledex will give you fast answers to common real estate questions but even better, Teledex will soon have you asking important new questions you wouldn’t have asked before because you couldn’t have gotten the answers anyway.


You’ll be astounded at what you can find on Teledex. Nothing else quite like it exists anywhere. You can look up sales by seller, buyer, location, price, and many other criteria. Teledex first went on line in 1989 as a “BBS”. Even then, years before the internet became popular, Teledex quickly became the fastest and best source for information about New Hampshire real estate sales. Teledex moved to the Web in 1996 and now it’s even better. If you need sales information in New Hampshire, you really owe it to yourself to spend some time with Teledex and let the implications sink in. Try our free Teledex “test drive” now or anytime you’re surfing the Web. Its actually fun!

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The Street Location Index lists all sales for consideration in each town in New Hampshire alphabetically by street or development. This index is printed on paper and is available for any town or group of towns. Updates are monthly and/or quarterly.

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Lendshare Studies can analyze the market share of any lending institution in New Hampshire. We custom tailor these studies to the market area and lending institution(s) you request. Lendshare Studies show the market share for any lending institution in any geographic area over time and will also show the relative status of any lenders you chose in the area.
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Mortgage Market Summaries In 1998 we also began publishing a standard quarterly New Hampshire Mortgage Market Summary Report that ranks lenders by market share for the whole state and also by the 18 Labor Market Areas in New Nampshire. This summary is a convienient way to get summary information on the New Hampshire mortgage market in one easy-to-use standard format. Call for more information on these summary reports.
Mailing lists We also provide mailing lists and labels for business who want to reach new homeowners.
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