New Hampshire Liens and Attachements

Liens and Attachments


Each week the Registry Review reports the latest liens and attachments that have been filed in the New Hampshire Counties. Liens and attachments are listed alphabetically by county, then creditor’s name.

For each lien or attachment the Registry Review reports the following Information as available:

  • Creditor’s name often including DBA’s. (IRS liens include case numbers)
  • Debtor’s name often including DBA’s.
  • Debtor’s address.
  • Dollar amount.
  • Date of filing.

The Registry Review does not report releases.


Why Read The Liens and Attachments Section?


The Registry Review gives a week by week picture of the most recent liens and attachments that are being filed in each county. Reading the liens and attachments section is one more way for anyone who runs accounts receivable or is otherwise owed money to get to an early warning of potential credit problems with customers or debtors.


Special Notice Regarding Liens And Attachments


To remind readers of the widely varying circumstances under which these instruments are filed and the limitations of this information, the Registry Review prints the following notice over the Liens and Attachments section each week:

Notice Regarding Liens

The Registry Review provides notice of the filing of Writs of Attachment and other Liens in the various county registries. Liens are filed for any number of reasons including some which have little of no bearing on the credit worthiness of the parties involved. Also many liens are released shortly after they are filed. In accordance with standard Registry Review Policy and especially with respect to Liens, readers are cautioned to investigate all public records and other circumstances surrounding the filing of any lien in which they are interested. No other action should be taken or opinions formed based solely on information published in the Registry Review.