New Hampshire Real Estate

Real Estate Sales For Consideration and Associated Mortgages

Each week the Registry Review reports the latest real estate sales for consideration from the New Hampshire Counties. Consideration in this case means all sales having tax stamps over the minimum tax amount. As of November 1997 this results in reporting of sales having a stated value over $4,000. Sales are listed alphabetically by county, then by town, then by street within each town.


For each sale, the Registry Review reports the following Information as available:


Street or location including street, lot or unit numbers.
A property description taken from the deed.
The type of deed.
The price or the stamp value if the price could not be calculated.
Buyer and seller names.
Buyer’s address at the time of sale.
Mortgagee name if any.
The mortgage amount if any.
The Registry Review reports mortgages if they were associated with a reported sale and recorded at the same time as the deed. Assumptions by the buyer are also included. The Registry Review does not now report refinancings.


Why read the Real Estate section?


The Registry Review gives a week by week picture of the most recent sales in each county and town. Reading the real estate section is an easy, convenient way to keep up on the latest real estate sales and values in any area of New Hampshire.


The Registry Review gives a clear weekly view of:


Who is selling and buying.
Where the selling and buying is going on.
What is being sold.
The sales prices.
Where buyers are coming from.
Buyers addresses.
Who is lending in an area.
How much is being lent