What Data is on Teldex?


Teledex has details on all 800,000 New Hampshire real estate sales over minimum consideration since 1977. Most of this information comes from the deeds and mortgages that are recorded in the 10 New Hampshire county registries. Click here for a complete description of the information on Teledex that comes from the recorded deeds and mortgages.


You can search within a town, county or statewide for sales between any dates. You can use hundreds of search criteria combinations to find sales by buyer and seller names, location, price, registry reference, property and deed types. You can display the results of your search in five different ways.


See Searches You Can Do And Questions You Can Answer On Teledex.


Teledex is fast, intituitive. easy to use and affordable. If you’re doing appraisals, asset searches, property listings or you simply want to check out a sale you heard about, Teledex is just what you need.

PLUS !!!


Teledex now includes electronic copies of the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Inventory of Property Transfer (PA-34) form. PA-34s are available for most sales recorded from October 1, 1998 on. PA-34 forms are public records and contain the buyer’s signed statement about the circumstances of the sale including information about whether or not the sale price is a valid indicator of market value. You can view and print copies of the PA-34 forms right from your browser.

 The information on the PA-34 is indispensable if you are using comparable sales data to estimate market value.


Why Teledex Works the Way it Does


Teledex is designed to find the sales information you want in a database that contains unstandardized descriptions of what you are looking for. There is no assurance that the data appears in the database the same way you know it. There is not even any assurance that the same people or locations will be listed the same way in different transactions. These issues are not insurmountable but they are the primary reason why Teledex works the way it does. Because there is so little consistency in the information that is available to us from the deeds, it simply isn’t possible (as of yet) for us to build a system that will let you extract just what you are looking for on the first try.


Because of the non-standard nature of the data, searching on Teledex is an iterative process of setting up, submitting and refining your query.


To useTeledex, you set up your query using the Search Criteria Page to express your best guess as to how the information you are looking for will have been written in the deed. Since you are guessing, it is usually best to make your first guess reasonably broad and let Teledex give you back a reduced set of possibilities from which you can then further refine your search.


We have designed and priced Teledex around the necessity for conducting iterative searches in non-standard data. There is no way for either of us to predict how many hits it will take to find what you want. We expect that you will become clever about using and economizing your hits and we have given you as many tools as we can think of to do that.

Here are the keys to searching successfully and cost effectively on Teledex.


Develop a mind-set that by setting up your search criteria you are in effect telling Teledex “Exclude all the sales that don’t have these characteristics so I can pick from a list of those that do”.
Enter the smallest number of search criteria (including search strings) that will get you a reasonably sized list of selections to look through.
Take advantage of the Refine and function buttons to home in on what you want.
Gather your work together and open sessions when you can do multiple searches within that session.
We are most interested in maximizing the value you get from Teledex and we welcome your suggestions. We might already be working on just what you want.


Whats Coming Next for Teledex?

We appreciate your suggestions as to how we can improve our services. Here are some things we are working on now.

Standardization of Location Names


We are working on editing the location names from the past few years. This will standardize many of the location references and make location searches faster and easier. This is an ongoing town by town process.

Property Type Descriptions

We clearly understand the need for better property type descriptions, particularly Land vs. Land and Building. We now have non-deed sources for this information and are working to incorporate this information into Teledex data so you can search on it.


Property Tax Card Data From the Towns

This will allow us to maintain permanent data about each property and add the sales data as just one more component of that data. This will allow us to offer information about property use, styles of building, number of rooms and much more. This is a long term project that is underway now.