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Town, County, Year and Transaction Number
Date of Record and Date of Deed
Volume and Page Number
Deed Type
Buyer Address
Contact/Property Phone
Property Type
Plan Recording and Plan Reference
Number of Parcels
Lot Numbers and Area Measurement
Mortgage 1 and Mortgage 2


Town, County, Year, and Transaction Number – These four items of information are listed in the header bar that extends across the top of each Detail page. We use these items to make sure that each sales record is unique. If you communicate with us about a sale, please include this information. The transaction number is also useful for finding all the parts of multiple parcel or multi-town sales.


Date of Record and Date of Deed – Having both of these dates is important. These dates determine the transfer tax that was paid on the sale and therefore the published price. Also considerable time occasionally passes between the date the deed was signed by the parties and the date that it was recorded in the Registry of Deeds. Compare these two dates to determine the true age of the sale.


The Registry of Deeds Volume and Page Number – This is the Registry volume and page reference where the deed was recorded at the county registry. This allows easy referencing back to the Registry of Deeds. If for some reason you need to know what towns lie within any New Hampshire county, click here for an Alphabetical List of Counties Showing the Towns Within Each County. If you need to know what county a town is in, click here for an Alphabetical List of Towns Showing the County In Which Each Town is Located.

New Hampshire registries can arrange to send or fax you copies of deeds if you give them the Volume and Page reference. Click here for registry addresses and telephone numbers.


Deed Type – This indicates the legal covenants and/or the type of rights conveyed by the deed. The available Deed Types are: Timeshare, Warranty, Quitclaim, Fiduciary, Tax, Foreclosure, Other and Easement.

Seller – This is the name of the seller. We record only the first and last names associated with the first surname(s) to appear on the deed. The comment section might contain additional surnames or name information. See Name Data on Teledex.


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Buyer – This is the name of the buyer. We record only the first and last names associated with the first surname(s) to appear on the deed. The comment section might contain additional surnames or name information. See Name Data on Teledex.


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Buyer Address – New Hampshire law requires that the buyer of real estate provide an address. Presumably the intent of this law is to allow the assessor and tax collector of the town to update the town property and tax records. We refer to this address as the “address at the time of sale”. For non-occupying owners or second home owners or land sales, many of these address remain accurate for some time. Accuracy is lower for buyers of residential property. Usually the buyer has not moved into the new property at the time the deed is executed. Some buyers give their “soon to be old” address and some give the address of the new property.


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Contact/Property Phone – The first number is the phone at the Buyer Address described above. The second is a phone number for the Buyer at the property location.

Property Type – This is the type of property as described in the deed. See Property Type Data on Teledex for important cautions about using this data. The available options are: Mobile Home, Land, Land & Building, Condominium, Easement, Timber Rights, Land & Mobile Home (L/MH), Not available (NA), and Other.

Location – This is the street or location of the property. See Location Data on Teledex for more information.

List of abbreviations used on Teledex

Plan Recording and Plan Reference – The Detail Page will indicate whether or not a plan was recorded, and if so, the name of the plan and the plan reference number where the plan can be found in the Registry of Deeds. The plan name will show in the comment section and will often help you identify the property. The plan reference will save you time if you need to find the plan in the Registry of Deeds since it eliminates the intermediate step of searching through plan file indexes. The registries might or might not be able to help you with further information about a recorded plan. If you wish to inquire, click here for registry addresses and telephone numbers.

Number of Parcels – This section gives the number of lots or parcels conveyed by the deed. This information is taken from the deed and should be interpreted somewhat loosely since there are no definite criteria as to what constitutes a parcel. Use this number only as a guideline.

Lot Numbers and Area Measurement – This section will show the size of the property being conveyed if this information was easily available from the deed. Typically the total area involved will be shown either as acres, square feet or square rods. If the deed does not show the total area involved and the property was a small lot, the dimensions will sometimes be shown in the comment section.

Price – The Detail Page shows the price and indicates whether it was taken directly from the deed or calculated from stamps. See Prices on Teledex for price topics and cautions about prices derived from tax stamps. Click here for an explanation of the MPC notation you sometimes see in the price field on both the Index and Detail Pages.

Mortgage 1 and 2 – These fields contain mortgagee name and mortgage amount information for mortgages that were recorded at the same time as the deed. See Mortgage Information On Teledex for a discussion of the kinds of mortgage information we collect and the variations that can occur depending on the circumstances of the sale. This same page also includes information about special Teledex notations you might see in these fields.


Comments – The comment section is essentially a note pad for additional information about the sale. Any record might include plan names, dates, notes on easements, restrictions and other factors affecting the sale such as third or blanket mortgages, partial or percentage interest conveyances and cross-references between transactions which are associated with one another for some reason. These might be multiple parcel conveyances or transfers of property lying across town boundaries. Small lot dimensions might be shown if no area total was given in the deed.

Asterisks are used to connect other Detail Page sections to pertinent comment section notes.

List of abbreviations used on Teledex