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We are a group of real estate practitioners with a passion for real estate data and statistics

Multiple Real Estate Markets

With over 20 years of interfacing with MLS systems from around the country, Real Data understands converting raw real estate data into usable, informative information for both Realtors and consumers.  Our services are invaluable especially since the lack of statewide MLS data.

We utilize the most advanced machine learning, coupled with years of manual number crunching to make the most out of real estate data.

Accurate Real Estate Statistics

Multiple Data Sources

At Real-Data we pull real estate information from mulitple sources.  With the MLS as the most accurate real estate information available, we also access public records, data aggrigators and other sources to provide the most holistic real estate statistics available.

Data Integrity

Since we pull real estate information from multiple sources, we can cross reference the raw data to insure the most accurate information possible.  We have the ability to create forward looking forecasts as well as historical real estate information.

Unique, Custom Reports for you.

Our team of data scientists will crunch the numbers and create you a unique report displaying the information that you request.  Depending on the market and reports needed, we may need to acquire local MLS access to finalize the data.

Accuracy and Integrity

When we provide real estate data on any particular market, you can rest assured that our goal is accuracy and understanding.  Our data scientists don’t care if the market is up, down or sideways.  Our goal is simply the most accurate real estate statistics available.

Actionable Consumer Property Values

142,528 Data Points on Real Estate

Markets and data points that we currently have data for.  We are bringing on new markets all the time.

New Orleans La
Panama City Beach Fl
Boston Ma
Wilmington NC
Cocoa Beach FL
Savannah Ga

Usable Real Estate Statistics

Use our decades of experience leveraging MLS data and augmenting that data with a variety of data aggrigators to provide usable, informative real estate market reports.

Whether you are a home buyer and want the your home’s ACCURATE home value, or you are a real estate broker and looking to deliver quality real estate data to your Realtors and clients or augment your real estate online marketing– we have the resources to provide what YOU NEED.

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Our Real Estate Data is easily adaptable to any mobile device

With the explosion of mobile phones and tablets, we have insured that all of our real estate market data is usable on all devices including Desktop, Tablet and mobile phones.


Our Real Estate Data

More information about Real-Data’s real estate reports

We can build out custom reporting that tells the story of YOUR real estate market.  From looking at historical sales data and combining that with peripheral sources that generally are not included in MLS statistics, we can accurately provide forward looking real estate information. Much closer to what a statewide MLS could offer.

This market data can be used to choose your farming area, target subdivisions that have the best chance of selling and much more.

100%Our Reports
Local MLS
We look at the MLS as the gold standard for real estate data.  We take in all fields of information via a RETS feed directly from your MLS.
Custom Reporting
Many of our customer ask us to build totally custom reports.
Data Aggrigators
In today’s world, data is consumed at massive rates.  We interface with 3rd party companies that aggregate data from all over the internet.  This is then combined with MLS data for the best in real estate reporting.
All of the information in the word is useless if you can’t make heads or tales of it.  We strive to provide easy to understand real estate statistics that you can use to make educated decisions.
Government Data - HUD
We access government data, such as public information from HUD and other public entities.


Each of our Major markets (shown below) are the largest city in their respective MLS areas. Each of the below also include the smaller cities in that area.

We are constantly bringing on new Multiple Listing Services from across the US.  We are happy to get a RETS feed from your local MLS to start building reports for you.

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Ready to get the most informative real estate data on the market?  Whether we already have your data or we will be setting your real estate market, Real Data has the real estate statistics you need.