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Real-Data is a group of data scientists who have a passion for real estate statistics

Real-Data has over two decades of experience working with real estate data, transaction analysis, MLS data, public/government records and 3rd party data aggrigators and has combined that with machine learning to provide the most accurate and useful real estate data in the country.


Pamela Smith

Real Estate Data Scientist

Anna Markus


Mike Johnson

Real Estate Data Scientist

What we do

More information about our Real Estate Stats

We pull real estate data from a variety of sources including:


The local MLS – Multiple Listing Service

Public Data – Clerk of Court Records, HUD, Government data

3rd Party Aggrigators — We purchase housing information from the largest data miner.

Real Estate Portals – We take in data from real estate portals such as Zillow, Trulia and Realtor .com

100%Our Data
Local MLS
The local Multiple Listing Service is considered the Gold Standard for real estate data on the local level.
Public Data
We access public records and Governmental agencies statistical analysis.
Data Aggrigators
We take in additional information from data mining companies that scoop up data as people search the internet.
Real Estate Portals
With the large real estate portals getting so much traction today, we now take in data from Trulia, Zillow, and
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