New Hampshire Bids and Proposals

Each week the Registry Review publishes a statewide summary of public agency requests for bids and proposals. This list covers services and products of all kinds. The only qualification to get into the list is that a public agency is currently advertising that it wants the product or service.


What are RFBs?

As a matter of law, regulation or policy most public agencies put out public requests for bids or proposals for the goods and services they need to carry out their mandate. The resulting competition among suppliers helps to ensure that the agency gets the benefit of a variety of proposals and the best possible price.


Why follow RFBs?

Public agencies spend a great deal of money buying a wide variety of goods and services. If you’re selling what they are buying you can find some very good business opportunities.


Is it worth the effort and how difficult is it to respond?


There really are some great opportunities in selling to public agencies but it does present some challenges. One of the most difficult problems is simply finding out who’s currently soliciting bids. At any one time, there are probably hundreds of public solicitations out for all sorts of goods and services in New Hampshire and surrounding areas. We estimate that less than half of these are advertised in widely circulated media. Many agencies maintain their own lists of parties that have responded to solicitations in the past. Depending on the requirements of the current request, they will selectively notify prospects on these lists. Some agencies use a more formal process including pre-qualification requirements. Unless you’re willing to spend hours each week reading all newspapers statewide and maintain a staff to contact the agencies and keep track of upcoming bids and RFPs, you can’t possibly find more than a small percentage of the available opportunities.


What is the Registry Review RFB list and how does it solve this problem?

The Registry Review RFB list solves this problem and gives you a simple, practical way to follow public solicitations in New Hampshire and the surrounding area! The Registry Review maintains an extensive network of contacts with public agencies and searches virtually all public advertising of solicitations. We publish an updated RFB list weekly in the Registry Review. All current New Hampshire RFBs and RFPs we can find are listed by category. The list includes due date and time, nature of request, name of requesting agency, next action required, newspaper of last notice and date. Each listing contains one or more contacts to call for more information. With the weekly NH RFB list, you can easily find thorough coverage of current public agency solicitations in any category you want.


Cautions and limitations

The weekly NH RFB list is intended to give you a simple and convenient “first source” for leads to current public RFBs. It is intended to complement your other efforts and to help you catch agency requests that you might have otherwise missed. A great deal of additional investigation and work is necessary to actually respond in an acceptable fashion. You will want to get actual copies of the solicitation. There may be additional requirements and deadlines before the actual date that bids or proposals are due. By publishing the RFB list, the Registry Review attempts only to provide a useful source of information about public RFBs. The Registry Review makes reasonable efforts to provide as complete list as possible of New Hampshire RFBs, however The Registry Review makes no representation that all RFBs are included or that by following the RFB list you will not miss an RFB in which you would have been interested. 


Nothing in the weekly NH RFB list can assure you of bidding successfully or actually being awarded any work or a contract to supply goods or services. The RFB list is not a substitute for your own following of agency requests or for developing any necessary ties with the agencies involved. To have any chance at success, you must make sure that your responses and offerings fulfill agency requirements and that you offer quality goods and services at competitive prices.


Organization of RFBs in the Registry Review

RFBs are listed by category. All the RFBs in any one category are listed starting from the earliest scheduled bid closure dates and times.


How to look through the listings

There are many ways to screen the listings for the ones that might interest you. You will probably want to read the categories of obvious interest most carefully, however, we suggest that you also at least skim the other categories. Opportunities for one kind of product or service are often buried in another and can be uncovered with a few calls.

The weekly RFB listings include the following information (subject to availability) for each RFB:

Nature of request

This section contains a short description of the goods or services that the agency is requesting. The listings are divided into three categories, Construction, Products and Services. Be aware that many RFBs include several different types of requests. We try to include all of these in the descriptions, however, we use our judgement and we only list any RFB once in what seems to be the primary category. Also be aware that we use RFB as a generic term. We break the requests down further into Requests for Bid, Quote, Proposal and Qualification. These descriptions can only be considered as a starting point. Always call the listed sources for more detailed information.


Requesting Agency

This section lists the names of the requesting agencies. A contact index code is often included after the agency name. This means that more information about the agency, (usually name, address and telephone number) is included in the contact index. If there is no number after the agency name, no agency address was listed in the notice. A list of contacts including the actual name and telephone number of the person to call is printed with the RFB listing in each issue. See also Contact 1 / Contact 2 below.


Next Action Required

In many cases agencies will request or require that you pre-qualify or participate in a vendor’s conference or inspection prior to the date that a bid or proposal is due. A date and code indicate when and what is required. This section is for your information only. We print only one such date. There may be more than one such requirement for any bid.



This is the name of the newspaper and the date of the issue from which the RFB listing was last updated. These newspapers can usually provide you with a copy of their paper for that date which contains the last published RFB notice.


Contact 1 / Contact 2

Contact codes for each listing refer to the contact index at the end of the list. All contacts are listed by these codes in the contact index. The first contact is (by our interpretation) the contact who is a representative of or most closely associated with the requesting agency. Almost all listings will have this primary contact. The second contact is often a private service that maintains comprehensive information on bids and RFPs, particularly those dealing with construction or construction services.

We urge all subscribers to tell any of these requesting agencies or contacts that you read about the RFB in the Registry Review New Hampshire RFB list.


Where to go for additional help

You can call the listed sources to get enough information to decide if you want to pursue the RFB. You may be able to successfully prepare part or all of your proposal yourself. Many qualified professionals can represent your interests and help you with parts of your proposal. Your attorney can help you with the process if necessary. If you are providing specialized products or services you may be able to participate with other bidders as a subcontractor on larger jobs.