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We are happy to announce that we are now bringing in real estate school data.  From our partner at Donaldson Educational Services with their national real estate educational services.  Donaldson brings a ton of very specific knowledge to the table on deciphering real estate data!


Donaldson has been in business for years and has led the industry in technology.  One of the very first real estate schools to feature accredited online classes for both real estate and mortgage brokers.


More About Donaldson

Donaldson Real Estate School was originally founded in 1974 by our beloved founder, C. Fred Donaldson. His passion was education and fair access to all, a mission we still strive to obtain each and every day. Followed by his son Keith Donaldson in 1980, Donaldson continued to grow as an educational resource in the Louisiana market. Adding professions such as insurance, mortgage, and home inspection to its already popular real estate and appraisal programs showed that Donaldson could maintain its quality and spread its mission to professionals in a wide variety of industries.
Donaldson Educational Services
Donaldson Educational Services is owned by Chris Donaldson.  Chris has a long history in teaching real estate at the highest levels.  He offers online real estate coaching under Chris Talks which includes a ton of live view, podcasts, information blog posts about passing the real estate exam and more.
One of the most popular topics for people taking the real estate exam is the topic of real estate math.  It is the portion of the test that people stress out over intensely.  Chris has the most viewed video explaining real estate math in the country.


In Person Campuses

 Donaldson Education does not only provide online courses but they have 5 campuses that you can visit for live and in person education.

real estate school data

Get Educated


Donaldson Educational Services provided adult learning for the following:


  • Real Estate
  • Mortgage Education
  • Appraisal
  • Insurance Licensing
  • Home Inspectors
  • Notary
  • Contractor
  • More…
Get Your Real Estate License Today!
Getting your real estate license is an investment you can make in yourself and open the door to an exciting new career!
Donaldson Educational Services focus on showing you how the real estate industry works and help open the door for you to the many opportunities a real estate license can bring.


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